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Goju ryu karate

karate in vaughan, ontario

Goju Ryu Karate
  was formulated by Miyagi Chojun, born in Okinawa, on April 25, 1888.  Miyagi Chojun started his life in karate at the age of nine. His first teacher was Higashionna Sensei. By the time Miyagi was 20 year olf, he was his Sensei's disciple. Miyagi Chojun later traveled to central China where he studied Zen as well as Karate. After many years he returned to Okinawa and formulated the Goju Ryu system of Karate, utilizing the principles, his Sensei taught him. After the system of Goju Ryu had taken shape, he felt the need for a symbolic insignia. He copied his clenched fist (slightly crooked because of a previous injury, and that became the insigina for Goju Ryu Karate.


Karate  is the art we exercise mind and body for health and self defense. There are a few theories as to where Karate originated. One theory is that it originated from Chinese kungfu. Most Styles of Chinese kungfu were created by mimicking fights of animals and birds seen in style names such as Tiger Style, Monkey Style, Crane Style and so on. Chinese kungfu was split into the Southern School, Northern School and Neijia; which means softness and is a defensive fighting art like Tai Chi, Aikido, and Waijia; which means hardness and is an aggressive fighting art such as Shaolin kungfu. We do not know when Karate was  brought to Okinawa in Japan and we also do not know the origin of the name "karate" but this name was made recently. In the old days it was called "TE". The practice of Karate was secret and the masters taught the advanced Kata (Forms) only to their best student.


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