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  Yoshinkan Aikido is the style that we teach at Millennium Martial Art. This is the style taught by Gozo Shioda, who was an outstanding student of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba. Gozo Shioda taught the spiritual and practical applications of Aikido to thousands of people in his lifetime.

The principle of Aikido in Gozo Shioda's words:

"As you get older, your muscles weaken, and you can no longer lift and pull. Unlimited strength comes from breath power. If the other person comes powerfully against you, and you respond by simply taking his power into yourself, there is no need for any effort"

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Aikido   is not a system of combat, but rather a means of self improvement. Aikido has no tournaments, competitions,contests, or "sparring".

All Aikido techniques are learned cooperatively. The goal of Aikido is not to defeat others, but the defeat of  the negative characteristics which inhibit one's own mind and its functioning.

Aikido, however is a self defense art. The main reason competition in Aikido is not allowed is that many Aikido techniques would have to be excluded because of their potential to cause serious injury. By training cooperatively, even the lethal techniques can be practiced without injury.

At Millennium Martial Arts we integrate Weapons training with the basics or advanced aikido techniques. The three principle weapons used in Aikido are Jo (4 ft wooden staff), Bokken (wooden sword) and Tanto (wooden knife).               


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Yoshinkan Aikido  is a unique martial art in that it can trace its lineage directly back to that pre-war period of the Jigoku Dojo (Hell Dojo), and at the same time be recognized as an Aikido style in its own right.             

The secret of training is simple - more training!

In order to feel the energy of these aikido techniques, is not enough that the aikido moves are copied and repeated. Joy, energy, sheer power and never ending enthusiasm is needed to make Aikido special. Training in Aikido gives the student a chance to develop and extend their personal and professional skills.

Yoshinkan Aikido has become well-known throughout the world, and people of many nationalities are training. "Every year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police sends ten of its members (each one at least third dan in kendo or judo) to spend one year as "Special Students" in the Yoshinkan Headquarters Dojo in Tokyo".



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