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Kickboxing Self defense for Adults and Youth

The Kickboxing for adults and youth classes are designed specifically for individuals with the desire and need to learn self defense who are turned off by the traditional marital arts class format or by the gym routines. The special program is for those individuals which are looking to add that little extra punch to their workouts. We have customized and specialized in Kickboxing Program for health, fitness and self defense. Unlike other fitness classes which focuses both on aerobics or contact sports (like boxing), our Kickboxing program is taught by certified martial arts instructors who will guide you through an actual self defense techniques and gradually increase your level of expertise in defending yourself.

At Millennium Martial Arts in Vaughan in our Kickboxing classes for adults and youth we combine technical and mixed martial arts moves with modern fitness class components. Anaerobic exercises, resistance and core strength training, light weights for muscle tone, cardio, bag work for power, flexibility, shadow boxing, kicking, punching, blocking, and sparring with a partner are all taught effectively and safely. Light contact Sparing with a partner is a very important part of our Kickboxing classes both for fitness and self defense purposes.

This program will teach you some elements of Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and some Jujitsu techniques to prepare yourself to defend successfully against any attack with weapons or without.

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