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Tai-Chi helps the student correct poor postural, alignment or movement patterns which contribute to tension and injury and health problems.

The meditative nature of Tai Chi exercises calms and relaxes the mind. When practicing Tai-Chi as Meditation the students should keep their mind empty of all thoughts, and should only feel the movements, the weight distribution as one goes from posture to posture, the straightness of the spine and breathing.


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Tai-Chi is a slow moving meditative exercise for relaxation, health and self defence. 
Our classes focus on the meditative exercise of the body, rather then on the martial arts applications.

Tai-Chi fosters circulation of "Chi"(vital force that animates the body) within the body,calm and tranquil mind.

Tai-Chi is performed slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth even transitions between movements and by correctly executing these Tai-Chi movements the student learns balance, body alignment, rhythm of movements and fine-scale motor control.