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children classes ages (4 -5) - Little ninjas program

preschooler karate and aikido program

The Little Ninjas martial arts karate-aikido program

help children explore, engage and interact with the other children around them. In our martial arts program the children discover that martial arts is fun, while they develop confidence, concentration, coordination, balance and discipline. The classes are 30 min. long, very energetic filled with lots of martial arts activities, focusing on teaching children how to interact with each other.

Martial Arts sets the important groundwork for the child's intellectual, emotional, physical and social well being.

The most important aspect of our Little Ninjas Karate/Aikido program is that increases your child's confidence, improves listening skills, have a positive outlook and it's FUN, FUN, FUN!

The Introduction to Little Ninjas beginners program is $99.00 for 3 months plus free uniform. (Not to be used in combination with any other offer)


At Millennium Martial Arts Little Ninjas also learn how to  Meditate.By means of meditation we can teach our minds to be calm and balanced.

The Little Ninjas program

At Millennium Martial Arts our mission is to help your preschooler listen, follow instructions and not be shy by developing self-esteem, concentration, focus, teamwork, memory and coordination. The Little Ninjas will receive a little reward which will motivate them to do their best each class and teach them that hard work pays off.

We teach your preschooler Karate basics such as: kicking, punching, blocking and very simple forms (Katas).

In spite of their young age our Little Ninjas are introduced to very basic Aikido elements, such as: rolling and techniques with a partner which teaches them to work together and learn to cooperate.

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